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Higher Lifts

About Us

Higher Lifts is one of the leading competitor and service provider of elevators, escalators and moving walkways. For architects and contractors, developers and homeowners. Higher Lifts is quickly becoming a trusted brand amongst customers in the field of construction. We offer a wide range of products under five segments which are Passenger Lifts, Home Lifts, Car Lifts, Hospital Lifts & Freight Lifts, catering to varied customer needs. Our expertise in the field of design and engineering along with capable, trained enabled us to complete some of the most complex vertical transportation challenges. Our Quality Policy is drafted meticulously to offer only the best in the market to our end users and customers. At Higher Lifts our team of qualified engineers, designers & passionate service determined to create the best service culture that can be experienced by our customers. Having been established in the year 2017, in very short span Higher Lifts has become a trusted elevator brand in construction. In this period we have completed many prestigious projects around the country. Customers are the center of our existence, we direct our efforts to satisfy their expectations. While providing different elevator solutions, we never compromise the quality. We ensure that the product is designed and manufactured to suit the needs perfectly. Quality is the central aspect of our success and we achieve it with High-tech equipments, Latest technologies and continuous service. Our pan India presence makes us highly reliable for our customers. Apart from business we ensure that our solutions are environmentally sound, socially right and economically viable. We always strive to add value to the society and our customers. I am sincerely thankful to you all and our valued customers, for your continued support in ensuring that we become a leading brand.



We intend to be the recognized leader in service excellence among all companies worldwide. We will inspire our customers’ total confidence through exceptional service that earns us 100 percent of their business, 100 percent of the time. Our vision is to be a leading elevator brand that offers great value to customers through its innovative and advanced product range. We wish to do this by focusing on the safety of our customers and by providing a world class service persistently. We wish to design and build products that offer great comfort to our product users. We are taking great efforts to ensure highest safety of our product users, customers and employees. We wish to be known for our uninterrupted customer service with minimum response time to ensure exceptional product performance. Our products are designed and developed with an intention to offer great performance and least break-down. We want them to be highly reliable.



To involve deeply into the core intelligent sector of our industry, so as to provoke impressiveness in the generations to come in the future. Our mission is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing unique and comfortable elevator experiences through rigorous research and value adding technological advancements. We are on the mission to create unique and comfortable elevator experiences for our users through continuous research and development and by offering a great value to our customers. We at Higher Lifts constantly strive hard to deliver on our mission by working together as a team. We focus on thinking differently by finding creative solutions to problems and continuously innovate to deliver improved and better products every time. We are on the mission to create unique and comfortable elevator experiences for our users through continuous research and development and by offering a great value to our customers.

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Cafeteria - more than 6000 Ft.
Sufficient storage with security.
100+persons high qualified, expert and eminent skill development employees.

Message from the Managing Director

Sajin . C

Managing Director

Its a great pleasure to greet you all at this moment and would like to thank for visiting our website. We are into the business with such special and superior authorities over elevators.We do beleieve that your co-operation with us will lead us in the ladder of success in no duration.

Service culture

As an established company in elevator industry we try to maximize the value of experience through our extensive engineering and services. We are concerned with the experience you get through our services and continue to enrich it with our sincere work. Higher Lifts highly regards the after sales phase of products. We strongly believe in maintaining the value of our installed products. Our dedicated maintenance team ensures maintenance plans are suitable for the facility and equipment and periodic maintenance is practiced. Our solid service network makes sure availability of spare parts and reliability of service. We favor building relationship with our customers. It eases the interaction and allows us to know every problem of our customers. It helps us to understand their thinking and needs to great extent. This creates scope for improvise




The Primary Maintenance Program includes routine maintenance during scheduled visits (Cleaning, Lubrication, Visual Inspection and Minor adjustments) with safety tests. Corrective Maintenance is not included in this program.


The Full Maintenance Program includes the benefits of Primary Maintenance Program as well as corrective maintenance (Repair Service) is also provided. The repair service of this program is provided during the working hour's i.e. (9 am to 5pm)


The Full Maintenance Extended Program includes the benefits of Full Maintenance Program with repair service provided .

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Swing Door for Lifts.
Manual Telescopic Door for Lifts
Bed Lifts
Imperforated Door for Lifts
Power Door for Lifts
Dumb Waiters
MRL Lifts
Home Lifts
Car Parking Lifts
Hydraulic Lifts
Service Lifts
Vaccum Lifts

Contact Address

# 1-38, Koonanvilai,


Kappiyarai, (P.O)

Kanniyakumari District,

Tamilnadu, India,

Pin: 629156.

Phone: +91 9486852504 ,+91 9488759457


Keep In Touch

For any queries, please do feel free to contact us and we are there to assist you at any given time.

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